Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our Christmas 2013

 Our little family had the most wonderful Christmas!! I was so sad when I discovered that the memory card that all these pictures were on had crashed. My stud muffin of a husband was able to get them off the card, thank goodness!! These photos are all jumbled and out of order. Sorry. 

We weren't able to put any presents under the tree until Christmas eve night. I tired to put them out earlier and the baby kept messing with them. So this added even more excitement to Christmas morning!! When they came out and saw all the presents, they were beyond excited!!. It was so much fun to watch them. 

Santa brought Malachi a giant Sully! He LOVES Sully. He growls every time he sees him. It's the cutest thing ever. 

Santa brought the boys a trampoline!!! I wrote this little riddle in about 2 minutes, and it was WAY past my bedtime. It's kinda lame, but they boys got a kick out of it. 

This picture is from Christmas night. We had dinner over at Grandma Phyllis's house and dessert at our house. Nana got all the boys new ties. I seriously have the best dressed boys on Sundays, and it's all because of Nana!!

Aunt Sarah got Benny this fun game for his Birthday. We played it on Christmas night and it was so much fun. One thing I really love about my in-laws is the fact that they love playing board games. The boys LOVE it. I don't remember playing games much when I was growing up. I love that they will have these memories of having fun as a family. 

OK, so for the big trampoline gift, we decided to just wrap the back door. They tore open the paper on Christmas morning. We have a video of them opening it. It was awesome.  

Benny's stocking!!

Isaac's stocking!!
I didn't get a picture of mine or Tom's stocking. But Santa brought Tom a new suit and me a new vacuum. 

Bubs on Christmas morning. 

opening presents. 

Ben's favorite gift was his Power Rangers sword. Anyone who know's Ben, knows why, LOL. 

Bub's with Papa Owen, at grandma Phyllis's house. 

It really was the perfect, most amazing Christmas ever. We hope yours was just as perfect!!

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